3 tips to help reduce procrastination

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3 tips to help reduce procrastination

Post by pippy » Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:29 am


Did you know that the day that people exercise the most is on….the answer is tomorrow, it's not just exercise, it includes. book reading Doing something that usually ends at "Do it tomorrow" or as we call it. Procrastination Today, there are 3 tips to help reduce procrastination. Let's read.

1. Let's get started
To get started, try to set a simple goal like: If you're thinking of reading a book, try to aim for just reading 2 pages. If you want to start something, try to set a goal that we will do it for 2 minutes. Do exercise and try on the clothes first. Still don't have to think that we can read a book. or will exercise for hours Just try to start doing something small.

The reason for doing so is just the beginning. didn't think much It will make us feel like doing more and not get discouraged. And when we do it, we may enjoy and continue doing more than we set.

2. Manage your own bad feelings.
When we procrastinate for something We often have bad thoughts or negative emotions. Therefore, do not rely on it easily. Don't just decide that enough is enough. better tomorrow Take a moment to fight with yourself. Think about the reasons why we need to do this. let it be the driving force Or if you can't figure it out, go back to number 1 and start doing a little bit first.

3. Be honest with yourself
Don't justify yourself, for example, you'll be fine tomorrow. I've done enough today. If you do it tomorrow will do better. Be honest with your feelings that i will do today Know that what we're thinking is a reason to take sides So what to do? Easiest way, go back and read verses 1 and 2.

Procrastination can happen to everyone. The easiest is to follow the three steps mentioned above. The additional advice is to complete 21 days and it will become a habit. Then we will eat it ourselves. Or does anyone have any more techniques? I.N.N. You can do it

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