Worth Getting?

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Worth Getting?

Post by ShotgunRagtime » Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:52 am

I've been interested in picking this up, but first I'd like an honest, unbiased opinion regarding the game's current state. From the screenshots I've seen it looks like a pretty mediocre startup project, pretty common nowadays. The planned features list is also pretty optimistic, to the point where it seems a bit doubtful a small team could accomplish the project.

So how is the game currently? Is it worth supporting? Are the devs trustworthy? Also, a link to some gameplay footage or an explanation of the game's current features/mechanics would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Worth Getting?

Post by ToKamaK » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:37 pm

Hi ShotgunRagtime,

I'll do my best to provide you an honest answer (but unbiased... well... I can't tell...).

TL;DR: The game is in an early alpha stage, there will be bugs and there are still many gameplay mechanics that are to be developped in the future, so don't expect a finished product right now.

If you want to take part of tests and help, you can buy the game now. If you want to support the game, you can buy the supporter set (this is more expensive but you show you want to help the developpers to make an awesome game). Else, you really should better wait for the beta stage.

Why have I been convinced ?
When OldSnake launched the first alpha, he could provide the result of his two years work:
  • The random map generator
  • Nice graphics
  • Advanced ballistics
with gameplay videos as evidences of those features.

Why am I still there ?
Some factors made me pursue the tests of Dangerous Rays:
  • Lonely Bits updates often its game (about once a week while debugging crashes on the very early alpha stage), and about once a month these days. Each month we see lots of improvements regarding the previous versions, and that is very rewarding for everybody.
  • The developpers listen to the players when wise suggestions are done and debated on the forum.
  • A roadmap has been provided at http://www.dangerousrays.com/roadmap
  • I already paid for it ... :D
What can make me doubt ?
  • The Alpha 15 changelog is slightly late on the reodmap (due to holidays, but in fact, most people slowed down this August, and I don't think there exists any project on time regarding its plan :D ).
  • The game is still hardly amusing without imagination: Zombies are still quite slow and are the only thing to hunt. Most of the time, your game will consist only in exploring buildings to gather ressources. However, its gets slightly better from version to version.
  • Mecanics are missing, comprising some you would expect in any game: no medical care, no quests, no pause ingame, no way to wait until sunrise (nights are dark)...
  • Some components (the famous Dangerous Rays) had to be temporarly removed from the game for performance issues, and no news since then.
  • Modding lacks documentation for now, I think because lots of mechanisms still have to be stabilized, but lots configuration are done on plaintext files that can be easily modified with Notepad (or gvim if you happen to miss Unixish tools)
Why do I think devs are trustwothy ?
Because I don't think anyone can drop and abandon easily two years of hard work in hard conditions.

Where to find the current features ? I can't tell if Dangerous Rays is worth supporting, but I hope this diatribe will help you to decide wether to try DR now or wait a bit until it is more polished.

PS: Please someone, correct me if some points I mentionned are wrong.

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Re: Worth Getting?

Post by Edarius » Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:03 pm

I assume you know what is an Alpha and you aren't asking for a finished and ready-to-play game. So yes, DR is worth supporting. You will probably not spend your weekends testing it, but you will probably enjoy looking at it growing from an update to an another. This of course if you like supporting, following and testing projects in development.

Here are few things you could enjoy in DR :
- Regular updates to watch the baby grow
- A nice forum with nice people speaking different languages
- An old-style zombie atmosphere with a strong emphasis on the STALKER series
- Independent developers serious in their work and open to discussion

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