How Do I Execute Windstream Email Settings on Android Phone

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How Do I Execute Windstream Email Settings on Android Phone

Post by yakepen170 » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:09 am

Are you prepared to collect emails on your proton mail address on your android phone? Before you start sending or receiving the message on your proton mail, you will have to do some settings on your android device. If you are making an strive the protonmail mail settings for the first time, then don’t concern as this article will cowl all the techniques with a step-by-step explanation to set up the digital mail host on your android phone.

After placing in the proton mail, you can take a seem at the emails or revert them the utilization of your hand held android device. Hence you will no longer favor to open your PC, log in to your protonmail address, and check the mails. Setting up the protonmail on android smartphone will dispose of such trouble to take a look at the mails on your laptop computer by using potential of logging in as soon as greater and again. All you have to do is- Learn the SMTP and IMAP/POP settings and fill these small print on your android device.

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Windstream e mail settings

What to count number on from this article?

Windstream mail settings (SMTP, IMAP, or POP) on your android device. Benefits After configuring the Windstream e mail on your android device, you won’t have to log in to your Windstream mail by the computer. Instead, you can besides lengthen get entry to your Windstream emails on your android device.
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Re: How Do I Execute Windstream Email Settings on Android Phone

Post by Akshay_M » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:55 pm

Before proceeding towards the Windstream email configuration, you will have to be well prepared with the following settings. Let’s check it out.

Ensure that your android mobile connects to the internet correctly.
Be sure to turn off the airplane mode before doing the Windstream email setup.
If you are using the wireless network, make sure the cable or wires are not loose or worn out.
Verify the router lights, and they should flash adequately. If you find any fault, then contact the internet service provider.
To access the Windstream email on an android phone, you must have the correct Windstream email address and password.
Creating a backup of emails would be a smart approach to avoid missing any important email.
Once the Windstream email setup completes, you will have to restart your phone to save the setting for hassle-free communication through Windstream emails.

Windstream Email Configuration
These are the Windstream email settings that you will need to do on your android phone. Follow these IMAP and SMTP data to receive and send an email.

Windstream IMAP (Incoming) Settings
Windstream IMAP (Incoming) Server:

Windstream IMAP email address: Your full Windstream email address with the domain name.

Windstream IMAP Password: You Windstream email password (case-sensitive)

Recommended IMAP Port number: 993 with SSL security or Port 143

IMAP SSL encrypted: Yes

required: Yes

Windstream SMTP (Outgoing) Settings
Windstream SMTP (Outgoing) Server:

Windstream SMTP email address: Your full Windstream email address.

Windstream SMTP Password: You Windstream email password.

Recommended SMTP Port number: 465 with SSL security, Port 587 or Port 25

IMAP SSL encrypted: Yes

required: Yes

Step-by-Step Windstream Email Setup on Android Device
Now you can follow these step-by-step instructions to add the Windstream email on your android phone. However, the process might vary depending or your android phone model. You can refer to the phone’s manual to clarify any doubt or contact our email support number.

Unlock your android phone and make sure it connects to the internet.
Now open the Home screen on your device.
Under the Applications tray, you will have to tap on Email.
Further, you need to click the Add Account button.
Now under the email address, enter your full Windstream email address.
And under the password field, you will have to enter the correct Windstream email password.
Click Next to proceed further.
Now under the email account type, choose IMAP.
Now head over to the incoming Windstream server setting and fill these details. (For complete information, check Windstream Email Configuration section)
Username: Enter the Windstream email address.
Password: Type the Windstream email password.
Incoming Port: 993/143.
Incoming server name:
Security type: Click SSL to activate encrypted security.
Now you need to click Next to head over to outgoing server settings.
Username: Provide the Windstream email address
Password: You need to enter the Windstream email password.
Incoming Port: 465 or 587 or 25.
Incoming server name:
Is authorization required: Select Yes to activate this section.
Now click the desired email account options and hit the Next button to proceed.
You can also give the profile name to your account and click Done when the process completes.
After following these steps, you can easily send or receive Windstream email on your android mobile phone. To prevent spam and safeguard the security, you must use the IMAP and SMTP Mail server ports while configuring the email clients. That’s what Windstream also recommends the users.

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