The future of DR

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The future of DR

Post by DKmintz » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:57 pm

Hey, I guess this is a reach out to the hard working developer behind Dangerous Rays & Lonely Bits Games.

I have a few questions now that Alpha is up and running, I hope he has time to read over and reply.

- Now that DR has been released as Alpha, what is the future of DR?
- Are we able to have access to the road map in terms of development?
- What will the generated funds be used for?
- Any word on initial sales figures? Even if it is in a general sense.

While I am here, thank you for the speedy updates so far, it is very encouraging to see as a customer although I do realise that not all updates in the future will be so easy to release.

From a personal point of view, I really like the feel of DR. I like the slow zombies and I like the slow game play/feel to the game. It feels a much more realistic pace of game to play. I hope you get to finish this game and you can realise your ambition for it.

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