“Cordyceps” is really useful or a scam?

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“Cordyceps” is really useful or a scam?

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If someone has an adult parent at home You may have seen you watching TV commercials found all day with a mixed drink for rent. Which claims many healthy properties. Actually, what is Cordyceps? How much benefit the body And how much should you eat Let's study in detail.
What is Cordyceps?
Information from Facebook page Oh, it's like this. เครดิตฟรี That comes from a fungus growing on the carcass Has properties Multiple herbal pharmacies And can be consumed If you don't eat too much Or have allergies Including some patients
Associate Professor Dr. Noppamas Sunthorncharoennont and Thidarat Chandon, Herbal Information Office Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University states that Cordyceps consist of two parts: the caterpillars of the butterfly. And on the worm there is a type of mushroom called Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Saec. This worm in winter hibernates underground in snowy mountains. When the ice starts to melt Mushroom spores blow with the melted ice. And fell to the ground These worms then eat the spores. And by the summer the spores begin to grow into fibers through the absorption of nutrients and minerals from the worm. The fibers grow from the belly of the worm. And grow out of its mouth. These mushrooms need sunlight so they grow onto the ground. The appearance looks like a wooden cylinder. Personally, the worms themselves will gradually die in the form of mummified worms, so "Cordyceps" used to make drugs is Worms and mushrooms that have already dried.
Is Cordyceps really useful or not?
Cordyceps are regarded as herbal medicine that has been widely used in China for centuries. Cordyceps are rich in various substances. That is useful include polysaccharides. (galactomannan), nucleotides (adenosine, cordycepin), cordycepic acid, amino acids, and sterols (ergosterol, beta-sitosterol). E, K, B1, B2 and B12) and various minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and silicon), etc.

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