How to encrypt stuff with truecrypt!

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How to encrypt stuff with truecrypt!

Post by LumberJack400 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:30 pm

Please note I have just copied and pasted the thread from another forum I'm on some codes might not work. To see the original post please refer here

Welcome to how to use truecrypt! Ive tried my best to include screenshots (and yes I am using vista) and make it as easy to understand as possible!

You'll need-
-A brain
-Basic computer knowledge

Step 1- Download and install truecrypt
The truecrypt download page can be found here. Choose the appropriate download.

Step 2- Install truecrypt
This step seems un-necessary but there are two options of installing.
On windows when you open it windows will show a popup saying 'This program needs your permission to continue' click yes. It'll come up with the T&C, click the I accept checkbox and then next.

Important part!
For a computer-
[spoiler]Now you will encounter 2 options. For the computer select 'Install' then 'next'.
Now you will have a file destination and a lot of options. For this tutorial we will stick with the hard drive and leave the other options unchanged. Then click 'install', the program will install.

For a USB or other device-
[spoiler]Now you will encounter 2 options. For the USB select 'Extract' then next.
You will get two popups click 'ok' and 'yes' on them. You can then choose where you want to install the program, for this tutorial ill use my thumb drive located at the F drive, click extract and the file will extract its contents to wherever you specified (You can put it into a folder to help organize things)

Step 3- Creating the volume (the file)
Now that we're installed open the program. On windows it should be on the desktop, for usb select the Truecrypt.exe program. Now we will see heaps of drives, and some buttons, click the "Create Volume" button, you will then get a wizard.
For this tutorial we will have a basic file so select the 'Create an encrypted file container' then click next.
Now again because we are making our first encrypted file we will again select the first option ('Standard truecrypt volume') and click next
Now we will get an option of where to save the file, for this tutorial I will save it to my desktop and name it 'encrypted' do not add a file extension yet click 'save' then 'next'
Now here is where the encryption begins... now you will get encryption options, AES-Twofish-Serpent is the stongest encryption, leave the hash algorithm unchanged and click 'next'
Now you can choose how much space you want to allocate to the file for this tutorial I will use 100MB, select the size you want and click 'next'
Now choose the password for the volume, I'll use 'pixbits1234' you can use keyfiles so experiment around with it. It also mentions to have a password over 20 char, click next.
Note: of your password is less than 20 chars it will show a popup warning you about it click next
Now is the final step to create the volume, for this tutorial we'll keep all the settings set to defult, this might sound strange but now wave your cursor as randomly in the window for about 10 seconds. This helps create a stronger encryption. Now click 'format' the speed of the formatting will depend on the size of the volume you are creating.
You will get a popup saying 'Your volume is now created' click ok then on the next page click 'exit'. Now goto the destination you specified and you should see a file with no extension to it.
Congrats youve made your own encrypted volume but there's still more...

Step 5- Mounting(loading) the volume-
Now that we've created the volume we need a way to access it and add files to it, this is called mounting and this is where truecrypt really shines.
To open your encrypted file you need to have a copy of TC(Truecrypt) which you do so open TC amd select any random drive in the list ill use G:
Now click the dropdown menu 'Volumes' then click 'Select file' and select the volume you created
Now you will notice in the volume box (Next to the logo) it is showing you encrypted file, click 'Mount' located under the logo and type in your password and click ok
Now you will notice that the file is open, double click on the file to open it and view/edit/add files
Now im going to add Credit card info to the file so no-one will know it's there apart from me
When you finish what you wanted to put on there close the file window and click 'dismount' on truecrypt this will simply log you out of the file.

Congrats your all done! You've learnt how to make an encrypted volume and add things to it using truecrypt!

Tricks and warnings-
-To make it fun add a file extension to the file like .pdf or .docx this will show that it's a pdf or word document, it wont open though so its an easier way to disguise the file like so
-Warning! Encryption doesn't stop people from deleting the file! So make sure to have a backup of the contents just in case!
-If you want I can show you how to create a volume in a volume!

Thanks for reading hope it helped protect your files you want to keep safe! :byebye:
i now leave you with this guy falling off a chair!

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Re: How to encrypt stuff with truecrypt!

Post by Applejaxc » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:18 am

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