Ray of hope a stalker COP coop/ multiplayer mod

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Ray of hope a stalker COP coop/ multiplayer mod

Post by Darkamo » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:42 pm

Hello Dangerous rays wanderers , i wanted to give you guys some infos about a call of pripyat mod called Ray of hope witch is a coop/ multiplayer mod who is created by a team of russian people .

You can get a take a look on the moddb page here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/ray-of-hope-co-op-online .
Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/rohmultiplayer

Basicly it would be like a freeplay mod of the game on a map with several players , you will be able to chat with other stalkers with the pda !
Here is a message of one of the dev when i ask him about the "factions feature" :

"Every faction will have one or more bases and shelters. The leader is elected by the stalkers and he decides how everything need to be done. The soldiers can create barricades with the trash in the roads, buy defendes (mines, static machine guns and others). The factions have different jobs for the stalkers and usually they aren't peaceful. The reputation in the zone doesn't change if you kill your enemies, when the one of your faction will increase by killing enemies and completing missions. Your leader will give you (or your patrol) some missions.

You need to be an experienced stalker to join a faction. Also, you need to pay some money, as you will receive outfit, weapons, ammo and equipment from your leader. Later, you will work and compensate the money you've spent. "

Feel free to ask the devs on moddb/facebook.

And the thing is i would like to creat with you guys a group composed mostly composed of Dangerous way fan , but first i would like Old snake to give is approvement to use the name of " Dangerous rays " for our stalker group , post here what you think or anything you want to say about the mod ( for questions i strongly recommend to aks the devs but i will try ma best to answer you guys ;) ).

Ps : you can post here which would you like to be in , and i just want to say that i hate bandits but i love mercenaries .
PPs : Yes you can join the mercenaries , and you can be a monolithians too :-bd !

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