My some suggestions

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My some suggestions

Post by linkinpunk » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:21 pm

First, please sorry my poor english.

Ok, i have Dangerous Rays 17a version. Windows 7 x64.
AMD Phenome 2 X4 965 / 16GB mem / Nvidia GTX 960
Game installed in to "D:\Games\Dangerous Rays"
%userprofile% = "C:\Users\shraibikus\"

My suggestions:
1) Please release bind mouse buttons in setting menu (my mouse with 5 buttons, but in D.R. i can`t use this);
2) option Invert mouse not working for me :(
3) little zoom on mouse2 (some like in quake: alias +zoom "fov 80";alias -zoom "fov 90";);
4) Q/E - lookout left/right ?
5) Use/Interact on one button (add interact in scroll menu when item grab?) ? Now is two different buttons (now by default: F - use, E - interact);
6) Toggle sprint by doubleclick button? (double W - sprint forward, W - just forward; Like ArmA games);
7) Interact with vertical ladders by USE key (by default - F, like in Underhell mod);
8) interact items lightning (or other marker) when "nogui 1";
9) hide weapon gui (right down) when "nogui 1";
10) last commands history in console (by keyboard up/down. Like quake-console? :-) );
11) Autotype by TAB button in console (like quake-console :-) );
12) Hide console by ESC button (now ESC - toggle main menu).

And thanks for Great game engine! Very well!

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