Some survival Suggestions

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Some survival Suggestions

Post by TheConMan » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:10 am

Hello, just thought I'd share some of the ideas I had swimming around in my head about the survival aspect of Dangerous Rays:

Hot and Cold weather; not entirely sure if this is planned but I think it would be quite nice, especially if you're trapped out in the wilderness and night is coming, along with rain during which the temperature plummets. The hot aspect could play into it with either modded maps or hotter climates in the base game, or to do with wearing too many clothes, which is the next idea.

Clothing; things like parkas, down vests, T-shirts and cargo trousers, possibly even shoes like some running shoes, hiking boots or steel-toed work-boots would be nice, each giving their appropriate warmth values associated with the clothing. Parkas are obviously nice and warm for those cold, wet or wintery days, but when it warms up and you're running around in it, you could overheat and lose stamina much faster, maybe even putting you at risk for heat exhaustion. The type of footwear would also help a lot, since walking barefoot on rocky ground could hurt and cause scratches or possibly blisters, plus steel-toed boots are quite durable (I have a pair I hike and run in in real life, they are so comfortable you wouldn't believe) and would last a long time. Repairing these clothes could be done with improvised thread and needle from bits and bobs found lying around, or with various kinds of sewing kits, some civilian types and others more industrial for repairing the tougher clothing more effectively.

Cooking and boiling; I believe collecting water is planned, but what about needing to boil it first? It could carry the risk of disease if left untreated, and you'd need a cooking pot to hold the water over the fire. This could also tie in with things like tea, both natural; gathered from the wilderness with the right know-how, and packet based; found in houses. Coffee could lower tiredness and buff up your stamina and other things could be done within the pot, maybe boiling meats along with mushrooms to create more wholesome meals.

Guns; I love hunting rifles and shotguns, maybe there could be some Winchester models or some Remington firearms in the game that could be found as rare loot in farm or country houses? The ammo would be a bit easier to find than military grade gear, so it would help in the long term if you're just fighting zombies or wild animals once they're added, not sure about the mutants though, I've yet to meet them.

Had to post these ideas, hope everything's in order here.

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