Largest suggestion post ever?

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Largest suggestion post ever?

Post by Domzsa52 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:55 pm

Hello hello all,

Pretty much, I have put in about 1000+ hours into the stalker series + mods, 1000+ the fallout series + mods, and 2000+ hours into any genre of zombie survival crafting pvp PVE story based procedural generation free roaming game that appeal to my specific tastes, needless to say I was satisfied greatly with STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl SMP 2.4 and Fallout 3 (DLCS) and mods, and now i have a suggestion list!....I wrote the list below after playing about 9 hours of this game.

I do know this is in development. I do know how early as well. These are suggestions, even if they sound like orders. Some are questions, some are ideas. I have little, to close to no life, and would be happy to aid the development of this S.T.A.L.K.E.R spiritual successor, with concept art for items, weapons and music development - I am in no way bagging out this game in its current state, just spilling thoughts on paper. Enjoy the read, I welcome any criticism to this post, my ideas, myself or anything that helps you sleep at night. I apologise in advance if some parts seem unstructured or hard to make sense of, I just poured my ideas out , trying to make it have a decent order, at around 3:30am.

- This magazine CONTAINS *** x bullets (Message fix when checking how many bullets in the magazine)
- Game should be darker/murkier (stalker fallout 3 style) - it was a nuclear war, doesn't have the atmosphere like stalker just yet...needs more immersion, trees, environmental features.tall grass, dead flora.
- Game must have destruction, i would like to throw a grenade into a building, and when it explodes, see the hole in the wall, the zombie, the NPC and
the shards and broken pieces lying around, if it was incendiary, i would like to see scorch marks, burnt things, perhaps visual shrapnel detail?

- This is post war, the strong have survived, so have some strong factions, and roamers (stalker had it amazingly, could have been more dynamic battles happening)
- Tons of dynamic events - stalker had bandits, stalkers and nomads roaming, but there where never really any constant battles for space/food/loot....usually there is lots of tension
when resources wear thin. Have trucks from the advanced factions driving around, rarly helicopter drops, maybe factions conduct raids on cave systems, buildings, other factions,
unknown areas.

-Vehicles/factions - faction specific vehicles, weapons, clothes
- Helicopters - not flash ones, old ones that barley work but get the job done
- Cities - yes, full cities like a fallout 3 sort of feel, and you can drive in and out of these (procedurally generated, would need about 40 - 50 different building models for it to seem like endless different cities)
- From these models, procedurally generate item placement, textures, NPC placement, loot distribution etc
- Clearing areas - The post apocalyptic world is full of survivors, both animals and human (or not human humans..) - spawn masks, so you can clear areas and be safe for a while. - more activity in an area, more chances things might...wander in...

- This must have basic building and crafting, shouldn't be too hard to implement.....maybe underground bunkers and bases to build?
-not voxel type, but you use a shovel or pick to take away a decent portion of dirt...maybe with some harsh side effects? unless you want to go full detail chipping (would have to show a picture, look at how Life is Feudal: Your own : cuts away at terrain..decent size, in no time you can put in small homey touches like a gutted nazi officer that you dragged out of a 100 year old crashed plane)

- Crafting your own weapons - we've all seen it before, but perhaps to a more fallout 3 style genre....
-pipe, rope/string - cloth, hammer, home made shell (some household chemicals which are in the game + petrol and a powder + metal balls (or similar) into spent shells)...
put shell into pipe, hit with hammer, you have a single shot shotgun - is handy to have when surrounded and weapons are scarce ( chance to blow up in your hand)....PICK UP YOUR SPENT SHELLS
(% of spent shells can be picked up though from all weapons)
- Things like that - people are not stupid, does't matter what time period you come from, we always make things to survive....Chemical bomb? mix bleach and something else - corrode the zombies?
corrode metal doors on build structures?
Bleach and another reactant would make toxic fumes, sneak into a camp, open up a bottle in closed quarters, watch your enemies fall unconscious unaware while you cut their throats....poison mushrooms, slip that into the camps water supply?
- There is an entire youtube channel dedicated to putting weird objects into shotguns and firing them (and it works)....honestly, they shoot glowsticks, nails, rebar metal, skittles....anything, out of a shotgun.
that should open up some crazy ideas if you wanted to implement some crazy home-made shotgun bullets and ammo types(this should only be for shotguns, and it would degrade the shotgun heaps)

Full military - post war, full military standpoints, outposts? tanks? (both working and not, maybe makeshift tanks?) Smoke grenades?
Airdrops? *if you find a smoke grenade and let it go at a certain time in the week* (would add further dynamics) crashed heli's? crashed planes? unexploded bombs?

Items that would work with this - Watches, Compass's. Night vision (rare, but good for a gloomy game)

- different zombie/mutant types.

Controls*FIX PLEASE, happy to take votes on this one* - Toggle crouch/toggle Prone (C Z) Default standing, not really digging the Tap down twice to go prone, tap C twice to get out of it...

Duct tape. You know when we mention duct tape, things get fun. duct tape everything....duct tape knifes to weapons...
works well with what someone else mentioned "all things have a melee capability"..., duct tape a whole lot of knifes/other interesting
things to explosives....that would be explosive barrel duct taped with bullets of different kinds, knifes, nails.....the shrapnel.....You have the ballistics in place,
so i guess it wouldn't be too hard to implement.
My logic - Explosive force --> weight of item ---> speed/strength of object --> chance of penetration/critical hit/destruction of attached objects (blade hitting you instead of handle/wood after an explosion wouldn't do anything..) -->= overall shrapnel and explosion carnage.

Some people mentioned ied's, imagine an unexploded pre-war bomb, to be detonated with your piss weak excuse for C4 that you crafted with make shift materials.
You are waiting on the side of a road , waiting for a car/truck/unknowing patrol to come by. Maybe a truck will stop at a complex, talk to other characters from the veichle, you can sneak up to the truck, stick an explosive device to
the truck (duct tape),let it drive off...boom...distraction, clears the complex of people as they go to investigate, probably lures animals for a miniature NPC vs Environment war, while you take and loot the complex...
or just kill everyone anyway. Worried about realism? those characters wont spawn again? There is plenty of demand for good structures in the wastes of a nuclear war, im sure the faction will reclaim it,
or another faction will take the prize, unravelling a whole lot of procedural events like road blocks, hold ups, turf wars...all in the name of survival.

These are just some of my ideas, I will happily expand on more, or add more to this thread as they come rolling would be great, iron out issues, and perhaps see some of these in the game down the track...look forward to your replies


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Re: Largest suggestion post ever?

Post by Seneral » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:59 pm

Hey Domzsa, some huge ideas you have there:) All about explosives, weapons, faction wars and crafting risky handmade stuff?
Lol these ideas are great, but depending of which way OldSnake (and Mxthe) wishes game to go for this will be quite some stuff to do. Look, their currently focusing on the Story mode (which is so exiting o.o!!), and I hope they plan to add stuff like vehicles, NPCs (or even groups/factions you can join, betray, save, leave, switch, ...) and a low- to mid-level crafting system. Even more weapons and grenades (destruction?!? :D ) are imaginable, but I don't really think this kind-of huge faction-war game and intrigues would be appropriate in a big scale. IMO something in this direction would be cool, but still keep distance from sth. like Dead Island-style you mentioned (build crazy explosives out of deo and a plant growing in the jungles and of course ... duct tape:) ). I would also avoid too much weapons and fights, more like as if bullets are a really rare ware, more STALKER-like.
And actually they brightened up the game a bit lately, cause your probably about 10 years late now and not all areas are that radiated (unlike the radiated forests, obviously).
But something like a higher-level NPCs-to-factions/group-system will be definetely needed in the future IMO:) Really like the idea

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Re: Largest suggestion post ever?

Post by OldSnake » Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:46 am

That is an huge suggestion post indeed !

A lot of ideas mentioned here will come in the future. I will talk about it soon. :)

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